Wood Chipper

The drum chipper is designed with advanced structure for producing high-quality wood chips. It is hydraulically adjusted and controlled for ease of operation and maintenance. Typical applications are found in chipboard plants, medium- and high-density fiberboard mills, straw factories, biomass-fired power plants, woodchip plants, etc.

The disc chipper is exclusively used for producing woodchips. It has found wide application in industries such as papermaking, fiberboards and many others.

Benefits at a glance:
1. The drum chipper is exclusively used for production of wood chips.
2. Advanced structure
3. High-quality wood chips
4. Hydraulically adjusted and controlled
5. Easy to operate and maintain

Typical applications of the advanced wood chipping machinery:
1. Chipboard plants
2. Medium- and high-density fiberboard mills
3. Straw factories
4. Biomass-fired power plants
5. Woodchip plants