The HX series biomass grinder is sturdy, durable and intelligently designed, which results in safe operation and optimal performance. This product conserves energy and is environmentally friendly.

The drum chipper is designed with advanced structure for producing high-quality wood chips. It is hydraulically adjusted and controlled for ease of operation and maintenance.

The brush chipper is ideally suited for crushing a diverse range of wooden materials. It can be used for the preparation of necessary raw materials in industries such as paper making plants, fiberboard plants, biomass-fired power plants, etc. It is also fit for landscaping and forest conservation.

This log debarker is commonly used for peeling bark from several types of logs. As a perfect replacement of a manual debarker, it has been widely used in industries such as medium-density fiberboard mills, paper making plants, pulp mills, forest, etc.

HONGXIN wood crushers are primarily used to crush stumps and straw bundles. They possess the useful features of rapid feeding and high efficiency.

The Hongxin sawdust machine features sturdy and durable function with safe and reliable operation. It is easily operated with little vibration and high efficiency.