The in-house complete production line effectively completes the manufacturing, processing and testing of all equipment parts. This allows our firm to guarantee the quality of every component of our biomass equipment from the onset of production to final assembly to testing and inspection all the way to shipping to your doorstep!

HONGXIN has heavily invested in more than 30 diverse sets of production equipment which performs the machining, assembly, transportation and other manufacturing operations. The entire production process is conducted by our highly-experienced technicians. It involves the equipment component processing, testing, welding, assembly, debugging and other working procedures.

Machining workshop
The 40,000-square-meters workshop comes with a full range of processing equipment which can accomplish the component manufacturing, processing and testing process. This allows us to effectively control the quality of every part of our biomass equipment.

The CNC drilling machine operates with high precision.

Further processing is performed by this CNC drilling machine.

Surface planer
We have equipped our workshop with more than 30 diverse sets of advanced equipment regarding the machining, assembly, transportation and other fields.

High-precision laser cutting machine

Bending equipment

Band saw workshop

Welding operation